• Welcome to the boarding school!
  • Welcome to the boarding school!

Welcome to the boarding school!

From the four corners of the world, 60 young girls and boys share an exceptional living environment. Promoting cultural and linguistic exchanges, life in our boarding school is a privileged opportunity to evolve in harmony and diversity.

From year 6 (12 years) on, lodged in single or double rooms, students share the daily life for 5 or 7 days a week.

In the middle of a green space of 2.5 hectares, the main building of the school houses the living spaces established on 3 floors. The breathtaking view from the rooms draws your child’s gaze far away.

In this healthy, safe,international environment, the students can concentrate serenely on their studies, while their parents appreciate the peace of mind  of having entrusted their child to us. Switzerland, in many respects, remains an exceptional haven of peace.

The staff of the boarding school and the teachers, in regular contact with you, ensure a permanent , attentive monitoring of the living and study spaces. In addition to  the security aspect, their role is also to benevolently accompany the pupils in their studies, and  outside of lessons, in their well-being as well as in their personal development.

During leisure time and at weekends, students are invited to practice sports, cultural or recreational activities. The immediate environment and the school’s infrastructure offer a wide range of activities.

It is no coincidence that the International Olympic Committee built its headquarters in Lausanne. Ideally located between Lake Geneva and the Alps, the school is the starting point for skiing and snowboarding at weekends in winter, as well as for aquatic activities.

Our establishment also offers:

  • A newly renovated gym and gym facilities
  • Tennis, volleyball and basketball courts
  • A football field

One hour from Geneva, (the closest airport and the seat of the United Nations), Lausanne is at the crossroads of many  nearby European capitals  and is very easily accessible.


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