Ecole Nouvelle / International Boarding School of Lausanne


ENSR / IBSL is a co-educational, private school, operating as a limited, non-profit organisation. Founded in 1906, this renowned private institution has gone through the century, reaching over 600 students.

the school provides a privileged setting for the transmission of knowledge.

NOUVELLE: infused with the spirit of anticipation and innovation.

SUISSE ROMANDE: situated in Switzerland's French-speaking region near Lake Geneva (Lac Léman), close to both the Latin and Germanic worlds, the school enjoys a privileged position in the centre of Europe.

Mission Statement

The Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande is a private education institution whose mission is to help children and teenagers - young people - to become responsible and independant individuals in a constantly changing society, now and in the future.

It is a secular school that wishes every pupil to be comfortable in their personal beliefs and encourages them to follow their convictions.


The Ecole Nouvelle supports its pupils in developing their own personality, initiative and independence. It also encourages them to make their own choices, while respecting their free will, critical judgement and objectivity. The school leads each pupil to do their best.

By respecting each individual while encouraging diversity and favouring experience while developing knowledge, the Ecole Nouvelle prepares its pupils not only for their exams, but also for their future lives.


The quality of education is guaranteed by respecting the ideals of its founder, Edouard Vittoz, "aim to place value on individuality, by interpreting the educational programs with flexibility and by promoting a joyful collaboration".

The quality of teaching is daily assured through highly qualified and competent teachers, committed to their students thanks to a relationship.

The quality of the environment is enhanced by the school's geographical location which is pleasant and safe, overlooking the city of Lausanne and including numerous sporting facilities.

International vocation: ENSR / IBSL favours global understanding and multilingualism through the early introduction of English, then German, and also welcomes non French-speaking students.


  ENSR is accredited by :
Council of International Schools

Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande, Ch. de Rovéréaz 20, CP 161, CH - 1000 Lausanne 12, Suisse