• Events Calendar

Events Calendar

8th September 2018 Potluck afternoon party of the APE (Parents’ Association)
13th September 2018 Vita track (Pavillon)
19th September 2018 Volley BBQ (Senior School)
22nd September 2018 Alumni party / Graduation ceremony
25th September 2018 ADISR football minimes boys
27th September 2018 ADISR football benjamins boys
28th September 2018 School trip (Pavillon)
3rd October 2018 Cross ENSR (Senior School)
4th October 2018 CIS Geneva College Night (Senior School)
15th to 19th October 2018 Autumn Holidays Daycare
31st October 2018 Skating rink (P1) + ADISR football juniors boys
7th November 2018 Skating rink (P2)
8th November 2018  Jobs discovery day (Middle School)
9th November 2018 ADISR uni-hockey benjmins/minimes boys and girls
14th November 2018 Skating rink (P3)
21st November 2018 Skating rink (P4) + EPFL information day (Senior School)
22nd November 2018 ADISR uni-hockey juniors boys and girls + EPFL information day (Senior School)
23rd November 2018 Uni-hockey night (Pavillon, Middle School and Senior School) + EPFL information day (Senior School)
28th November 2018 ADISR uni-hockey seniors boys and girls
29th November 2018 ADISR uni-hockey moyens boys and girls
1st December 2018 Climbing run
5th December 2018 UNIL Open day (Senior School)
6th December 2018 UNIL Open day (Senior School)
20th December 2018 Christmas celebration with the parents (Pavillon)
15th January 2019  ADISR badminton juniors/seniors boys and girls
23rd January 2019 Skating rink (P1 et P2)
31st January 2019 ADISR badminton moyens boys and girls
7th February 2019 Skating rink (P3 et P4)
13th and 14th February 2019 Presentations project 4 IB2
17th to 23rd February 2019 Ski camp (Middle School et Senior School)
18th to 22nd February 2019 Winter Holidays Daycare
25th February to 1st March 2019 Ski camp (Pavillon)
5th March 2019 ADISR ski moyens/seniors boys and girls
6th March 2019 ADISR ski ben/min/jun boys and girls + climbing wall (P4) + UNIGE information day (Senior School)
7th March 2019 ADISR badminton minimes boys and girls
13th March 2019 Climbing wall (P3) + ADISR table tennis ben/min/jun boys and girls
20th  March 2019 Climbing wall (P2)
22nd March 2019 Interclasses morning (Pavillon)
27th March 2019 Climbing wall (P1)
29th March 2019 Soccer Night (Pavillon, Middle School, Senior School)
3rd April 2019 ADISR basketball minimes boys
15th to 18th April 2019 Spring Holidays Daycare
1st May 2019 ADISR Cross country
4th May 2019 2km and 4km run of Lausanne
8th May 2019 ADISR tennis moyens and seniors boys
10th May 2019 Athletics day in Vidy (Middle School)
14th May 2019 ADISR Beachvolley
15th May 2019 ADISR Swimming + ADISR basketball juniors boys
17th to 18th May 2019 Grand jeu
21st May 2019 Theatre show (Pavillon+Middle School)
22nd May 2019 ADISR double mixed
23rd May 2019 Singing in English (Pavillon and Middle School)
24th May 2019 School trip (Kindergarten)
28th May 2019 ADISR athletics + School trip (Pavillon)
29th May 2019 ADISR day benjamins and minimes
 4th June 2019  Athletics day in Vidy (Pavillon)
6th June 2019  ADISR tennis juniors boys and girls
 11th June 2019  Music auditions
 14th June 2019  Music auditions
20th June 2019  Dance show + hip-hop + body expression (Pavillon)
21st June 2019  Barbecue at Chalet-à-Gobet (Pavillon)
24th and 25th June 2019 School trips (Middle School)
25th June 2019 Festive meal (Pavillon)
27th June to 12th July 2019 Summer Holidays Daycare
 28th June 2019  End of school year celebration (Middle School and Senior School)
12th to 27th August 2019 Summer Holidays Daycare