• Parents information

Parents information

Middle School

Sent on May, 14th : Choice for latin or civilisation course in class 8 – classes 7A and 7B

Sent on May, 14th : Choice of languages in class 9 – classes 8A and 8B

Sent on May, 15th : Parents meeting May, 27th – classes 8A and 8B

School shows

Sent on April, 30th : Theatre show – May, 21st 2019

Sent on April, 30th : Singing in English – May, 23rd 2019

Students Counselor Service for ENSR students

Sent on January 11th: Students counselling service

Summer camp in Champéry

Sent on January 25th : Junior Summer camp – classes P2, P3 et P4

Sent on January 25th : Summer camp – classes 5 to 10