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The Extended-day activities offer a large choice of activities – outside of the traditional academic programme – which allow the children to become more sensitive as well as to develop their expression and balance in various artistic, technical and physical fields.


Lunch activities

These activities between 12:30 and 13:15 are compulsory after the meal, and destined to the Pavillon classes (Kindergarten, Montessori and Primary classes).

Lunch activities 2018/2019


Afternoon activities

These activities are optional and organised for the Pavillon and Middle school classes. The Pavillon activities end at 16:00 and the Middle school activities at 16:15.

Afternoon activities 2018/2019



A detailed description of all the proposed activities is available:

Description of the 2018/2019 activities


Day cares and morning study

Since September 2013, the Ecole Nouvelle proposes an extended schedule for the Pavillon students from 7:30 to 18:30. The periods before 8:45 and 16:00 mostly consists of playtime and recreational activities.


Senior school supervised study

This supervised study is particulary recommended for the students of classes 9,10 and 11. Schedule: from 16:30 to 18:00.



The following forms are available (to print, fill in and send back to the secretariat):

Registration for the lunch and afternoon activites, day care and morning study 2018/2019 (French)

Registration for the Senior school supervised study 2018/2019 (French)

isposal for any further information. Please contact the secretariat at loureiro@ensr.ch or the coordinatior of these activities, Mrs Dominique Grandjean, grandjean@ensr.ch.