• Why choose ENSR?

Why choose ENSR?

A century-old school

The Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande is firmly rooted in Lausanne. Coming from a long tradition, the Ecole Nouvelle has been offering a solid education and excellence since 1906. Though the quality and rigour of our teaching allows our students to achieve  excellent exam results, the transmission of knowledge goes far beyond.

A family environment

Our students thrive and share in a familial atmosphere, which provides for personalised supervision. Working in groups in our small school, your children learn to master not only knowledge, but also the skills and wisdom needed to become skilled and accomplished adults, both on an intellectual and a social level.

Roots and innovation

Our non-profit organization is constantly updating itself. Our investments enable us to remain at the forefront of education, continuously improving our infrastructure.

Teaching – open to the world

At the Ecole Nouvelle we prepare our students to become open to the world by learning foreign languages in addition to French and English and also through to the international accreditation of our academic programme,  which is highly renowned and opens access to Swiss and foreign universities after our students’ graduation.

Accommodation Flexibility

Our boarding school offers the possibility to host students on a 5-day or 7-day basis. Moreover, the extended-day activities offer a constantly adaptable schedule. During school holidays, we offer a large variety of cultural activities and sports.

Switzerland: sports and nature

After classes and during school holidays, we organise many outings: from windsurfing on Lake Geneva to ski camps and summer camps in the Swiss Alps… you can entrust the Ecole Nouvelle to take good care of your child, soothed by the beauty and peacefulness of Switzerland.